Author: Russell Beth

Certification in Family Life Education (CFLE) through CARHD

The Center for Applied Research in Human Development is the new home to the Certification in Family Life Education, a course-based option for undergraduate students to receive a nationally recognized designation. The National Council of Family Relations (NCFR) has approved the program, offered through department in Human Development and Family Sciences, awarding the distinction to students who demonstrate their training in the study of healthy individual and family functioning with an emphasis on prevention and intervention science. For more information, please contact the program coordinator, Dr. Beth Russell (

CARHD welcomes a new Director

The Center welcomes Dr. Beth S. Russell as the new Director as of June 1, 2018. Dr. Russell has been affiliated with CARHD since 2003, as a graduate student affiliate, and rejoined our community in 2011 when she joined the faculty. As the program coordinator for the Certificate in Family Life Education, Dr. Russell brings a commitment to training the next generation of community engaged scholars and years of experience in structuring their field placement experiences. Her research focuses on emotion regulation, specifically, the development of self-regulation often in the context of parent-child relationships; she studies this process in both normative and atypical populations, most recently in the study of mindfulness interventions to improve individual and family outcomes for those with chronic illnesses (e.g., chronic pain and substance use disorders).

Congratulations on your retirement Dr. Sabatelli!

The Center for Applied Research in Human Development congratulates Dr. Ron Sabatelli on his retirement!

As one of the founding researchers that established CARHD, Dr. Sabatelli’s deep knowledge and breadth of expertise has been crucial to the enduring strength of the Center. We wish him all the best in his new adventures on the shore and sea with his family. We will look forward to consulting with him on future projects!