Fee-for-Service Guidelines

The Center performs a number of tasks on a fee-for-service basis. These include: (1) consulting with human service programs to offer advice on research methods and the selection of evaluation instruments for evaluation projects; (2) contracting to perform data collection and analysis for human service projects; (3) conducting needs assessments for communities or programs; (4) conducting interviews and focus groups to help our community partners plan appropriate programming or evaluation; and (5) preparing research briefs, reports, presentations and infographics to communicate findings across a range of formats (e.g., content for live or online presentations).

The Center’s fee-for-service guidelines:
Data entry $25/hour
Data collection $35/hour
Survey development $50/hour
Web survey management $35/hour
Literature serach & review $50/hour
Report writing $50/hour
Research brief preparation $50/hour
Multimedia material development $50/hour
Technical assistance $50/hour
Data preparation & analysis $100/hour
Consultation $200/hour/person
Training $200/hour plus expenses/person

*Additional expenses, including administrative fees, travel expenses, and cost of materials may apply.

**Guidelines effective as of 6/6/2010.