Author: Horton, Abagail

USDA-Funded SCFS Evaluation Project

We are proud to announce that Dr. Marlene Schwartz has collaborated with CARHD to evaluate a 5-year USDA NIFA funded training program. Through this intensive, hands-on program Sustainable Community Food System (SCFS) Fellows will come to understand social, political, economic, and environmental roadblocks to creating sustainable, equitable, and community-based food systems and have tools to seek innovative and comprehensive solutions.

New ACEing EITC Project with Dr. Tambling

We are proud to announce that Dr. Tambling is engaged in a new project with The Village. The project,  ACEing EITC, focuses on the uptake of the EITC at tax time, and enrollment in other financial services, through The Village’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program as a mechanism for the reduction of risk factors for adverse childhood experiences. Dr. Tambling will provide consultation and support for the evaluation of the federally- funded program. 

Collegiate Recovery Programs and the Promotion of Psychosocial Development and Adjustment: A Student Development Perspective

The Center for Applied Research in Human Development congratulates Dr. Anne Thompson Heller on her successful defense of her dissertation.

It is with great pride that CARHD was able to fund this study through Dr. Ron Sabatelli. We wish her all the best in her new adventures. We will look forward to consulting with her on future projects! 

Parent Experiences with Technology-Enabled Early Childhood Services

The Perigee Fund is embarking on a one-year national project to systematically capture lessons learned and future implications from the rapid acceleration of technology-enabled early childhood services in response to COVID-19. Dr. Chazan-Cohen leads a study in hopes to hear more from parents who are affected by poverty, racism, and/or trauma in receiving key early childhood and family supports remotely.