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Focus Area: Improving Systems and Informing Policy

Evaluation of Programs to Reduce Juvenile Arrests in Connecticut Schools (2010-2014)

Connecticut’s Office of Policy and Management sponsored this work, which provided funding for a small number of programs to develop innovative best practices strategies designed to reduce the number of juvenile arrests originating in Connecticut’s schools. The intent of the project was to support schools in their efforts to reduce school-based arrests, which are a common entry point of youth into the juvenile justice system. CARHD staff provided technical assistance to staff at participating schools in planning and implementing program evaluation plans (e.g., defining the evaluation design, identifying target populations, selecting members of youth participants, identifying existing data and new data that will be required to assess program outcomes) and guidance in developing strategies for collecting and systematically recording outcome data. In addition, the Center analyzed the data collected by programs and prepared written reports summarizing the results.


Evaluation of Police and Youth Programs (2011-2014)

The Center was contracted by the State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management to conduct an evaluation of Police and Youth Programs. The goals of the Police and Youth Programs were to promote positive youth development and to increase the numbers of police officers who are experienced and comfortable working and interacting with youth in non-enforcement activities. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the results of the program for participating youth and police officers, particularly changes in each group’s attitudes toward the other. Both police and youth participants were administered pre-tests and post-tests for each year of programming. A total of twenty-two unique communities in Connecticut participated in the program across three years.